With the increasing size of datasets and declining cost of storage, data warehouses like Amazon Redshift are becoming more prevalent for storing and analyzing geospatial data. 

Unlock the potential of Amazon Redshift and CARTO for geospatial data analysis in this interactive virtual workshop led by industry experts. Participants will learn how to utilize built-in spatial functions, perform spatial joins and apply machine learning models on large datasets using Amazon Redshift.
Attendees will also learn how to find and subscribe to third-party data on AWS Data Exchange and seamlessly query them alongside first-party data in Amazon Redshift. Attendees will receive AWS credits to offset the costs of running their analysis upon completion of the workshop.


Key takeaways

  • - Connect to Amazon Redshift and explore first party data using Amazon Redshift Query Editor v2.

- Use AWS Data Exchange to find and subscribe to third-party data to enrich our first-party data.

- Use spatial functions in Amazon Redshift to analyze the combined first-party and third-party data.

- Use Amazon Redshift ML to consolidate brick & mortar using location-based insights and visualize them in CARTO.

  • Agenda

    1. AWS Data Exchange Overview and Important Concepts.

  • 2. CARTO Overview & Advanced Spatial Analytics in Amazon Redshift.

    3. Deep Dive into AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift.

    4. Hands on lab on how to leverage AWS Data Exchange, Amazon Redshift & CARTO to consolidate brick & mortar using location-based insights.

    5. Wrap Up & Q&A.


Prerequisites to attend:

- You need an AWS account. If you are new to AWS, you can create an account.
- Admin privileges.

- CARTO account. Sign up for a 14 day free trial at carto.com.

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  • Speaker Bios


    Matt ForrestMatt Forrest
    VP Spatial Data Science

  • Matthew Forrest is the VP of Product Marketing at CARTO and is passionate about using and sharing ideas around modern GIS, helping others to use a variety of new tools in their geospatial workflows. Matthew graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Geography and has been working with GIS and in Geospatial for 11 years, the past 7 at CARTO. 

    Sohaib KatariwalaSohaib Katariwala
    Analytics Specialist Solutions Architect


Sohaib Katariwala is an Analytics Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS. He has over 12 years of experience helping organizations derive insights from their data.


  • RamyaRamya Vijayaraghavan
    AWS Marketplace Specialist Solutions Architect


Ramya Vijayaraghavan is a AWS Marketplace specialist Solution Architect based out of Dallas. Ramya has over 10 years of industry experience in the field of Databases and Data Analytics. Ramya helps customers with building secure cloud solutions using third party products from AWS Marketplace.


  • Chidambaram MuthappanChidambaram Muthappan
    Solutions Architect


Chidambaram Muthappan is a Solution Architect at AWS based out of Seattle. He helps AWS customers to buy sell data products through AWS Data Exchange.



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