From micromobility to last-mile delivery, mobility and transportation use cases are inherently geospatial. Whether you’re planning expansion into a new city or territory or optimizing rider / fleet operations, mobility companies are turning to spatial analytics to find greater profitability in a time of rapidly rising costs and fluctuating consumer demand.


In this webinar, Oleksii Bielov (Product Manager, Snowflake) and Tomas Ehrenfeld (Solutions Engineer, CARTO) will give us a deep dive into how Snowflake & CARTO can help data professionals in the industry to drive better insights and decision-making using real-life examples.


You’ll learn:


  • – How Snowflake's Data Cloud architecture can unlock geospatial processing at scale
  • – How to leverage spatial SQL for advanced location-based analytics 
  • – How H3 and spatial indexes can be an effective solution for mobility use cases
  • – A hands-on Location Intelligence demo for a ride-hailing app


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    • A PDF of the slides of the presentation is also available to download here.